• M3 Sold

    Add another car to my tally. After a relatively brief ownership, the M3 is now en route to its new home in Boston, Massachusetts. I like cars that are clean and lower miles, but holding firm to those standards can become a virtue and a vice. I alternated daily driving the M3 every couple of […]

    7 responses October 15, 2015
  • E46 M3 Photo Dump Part II

    The M3 came with section 1 Rogue Engineering Rasp Pipes and a section 3 exhaust. I filled the gap with a section 2 X-pipe from Status Gruppe. The days of laying on my back on cold cement floors are over… My standards have elevated and I no longer want to bother with jack stands if […]

    No responses October 15, 2015
  • E46 M3 Photo Dump

    I’ve been sitting on these pictures for far too long, time to get them out there in one go. Installing the new Alcantara steering wheel with ti-stitching. I had this made with thickened padding so the girth of the wheel matches that of the 1M. Matching Alcantara shift and e-brake boots in black stitching. Being […]

    2 responses October 14, 2015
  • Trackspec Autosports Alignment

    To keep the cadence high, I scheduled an alignment with Trackspec Autosports in Fremont the day after returning home with the car. The main agenda was to actually raise the front coilovers higher to level out the car with the rear. With the BBSs, the fronts were slightly tucking and too low for my tastes. […]

    No responses June 9, 2015
  • BBS CH

    I’m prone to modding cars that I’ve owned expeditiously, but I think I set a new record with this one. Immediately after picking up the car, I drove over to Supreme Power in neighboring Anaheim. When the deal was set and confirmed, I preordered a new set of 19″ BBS CH wheels and Dunlop tires […]

    2 responses June 9, 2015
  • 2004 BMW M3

    For the past year, I have been casually looking around for an E46 M3. The seed was first planted with a Want to Buy ad on the M3Forums. My requirements were strict and my intent vacillated as the months went by. I came to realize that finding the absolute exact car I was looking for […]

    3 responses June 9, 2015