• Bimmer Days

    I’m not sure if looking forward to my commute as being one of the best parts during the day is necessarily a good thing…

    One response March 28, 2012
  • Sunday Cruise

    Last Sunday, went on a quick morning drive over to Portolo Valley (by San Mateo) with my buddy and his C63. Got a few snaps of both cars on the bridge area. Euro > JDM.

    No responses February 7, 2012
  • Just Relax

    This is what my BMW’s completely stock interior looks like: Under luxury car standards, it is considered to be quite sedate and even bland. However, this 135i overall still has a level of refinement that is unseen or remotely comparable by my previous Japanese cars. The ride quality is sporty and firm, but at the […]

    No responses January 29, 2012
  • Berk Technology Full Race Exhaust

    In one fell swoop (this Saturday), I was able to finish fitting the wheels and install my new exhaust, a Berk Full Race: “This full system includes a mid pipe featuring dual 2.5″ tubing and dual resonators, a 3″ Y-pipe and a dual 80mm tip muffler delete.” Quite a lot of work for one day, […]

    5 responses December 4, 2011
  • OZ Ultraleggeras & Ride Height Dialing

    One thing my experience with cars has forever imprinted in me is the necessity of embodiment. I can’t fully “own” a car without giving it a personal touch. The motivating idea behind this BMW is to finally own a car that I don’t HAVE to touch, to drive it as is. Unfortunately, my wicked ways […]

    2 responses December 3, 2011
  • 2009 BMW 135i

    I want to start off by recapping all the cars I’ve owned in the past 6 years, in chronological order: ’92 Nissan 300zx, ’93 Mazda RX-7, ’96 Mazda Miata, ’91 Toyota Previa, ’97 Mazda Miata. To sum it up, I’ve only been able to drive 90’s Japanese cars. Finally, I’m breaking the mold with this […]

    4 responses December 3, 2011