Add another car to my tally. After a relatively brief ownership, the M3 is now en route to its new home in Boston, Massachusetts.

I like cars that are clean and lower miles, but holding firm to those standards can become a virtue and a vice. I alternated daily driving the M3 every couple of weeks. While I loved it when doing so, I ultimately realized it wasn’t necessary. I do not have the time currently to properly enjoy the car. Driving it back and forth to work and the gym seemed wasteful and mundane.

I now understand that a daily driver needs to be a car that’s fun, but also something that I do not have to care much about. The Evo X I leased previously served its purpose wonderfully. I drove the snot out of it, followed a thoroughly inadequate maintenance schedule, rarely washed it, and never worried where I parked it. At the end of 2 years, I essentially handed the keys back to the dealership and moved on.

Instead of sitting on the M3 and worrying about accruing miles every time I drove it, the encompassing situation will be better served if I pass the torch. Plus, part of the enjoyment of car ownership is being able to rotate the fleet and try new flavors.

Here are the last pictures I have of the M3, right before being loaded onto the auto transport.






7 thoughts on “M3 Sold

  1. Hi Eric,

    Good to see you’re still updating this blog, been following this blog since you have your White CBR600RR and Miata. I recently bought an E46 M3 as well, very fun car! Keep up the good work, see you around in the Bay Area!


    1. Hi Jin, that’s awesome, thanks for continuing to check in! See you around one day, feel free to always hit me up.

  2. Also glad to see you’re still updating. I remember following this blog when you were building the green/blue rx7 and just stumbled upon it again. Hell, you may have even been posting about your Z, I don’t remember. What do you do for a living if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. Man the Z were some ancient days! That’s cool you found your way to my blog again, I know I deleted my old blog with the Montego Blue RX-7. How did you find me again? I’m an Engineer by profession.

      1. The link in your sig on Zilvia (regamasters thread). I originally knew your Z from 300zxclub and I must’ve found the old blog through 3ZC or Zilvia.

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