What can I say, I get bored easily. I can never remain idle and I have far too many schemes and plans. Once I sold my Tacoma for a new 2017 Chevrolet Volt, I felt like a part of me had died. So I’ve decided to take a stand and throw a middle finger up to “being normal” by resolving to scratch a long-lingering item off the bucket list – drifting. I’ve been an innocent bystander and spectator in the sport for over a decade now, but was always too busy with something else to give it a shot myself. Not anymore, it’s time to dive into the world of the S-Chassis and take a seat in the participant’s chair.

If finding a clean, unmolested RX-7 is difficult… that problem is squared when it comes to 240’s. I’ve been on-and-off searching for one over the past year or so, and more seriously in the past half-year. In that time, I wasn’t able to find anything worthwhile, it appears that most of the cars these days are totally bastardized or ruined by a teenager. I purposely altered my criteria to include mediocre condition cars but with good suspension and drivetrain modifications, since I ultimately don’t want something too clean because I need to be free to drive it hard. It was still slim pickings, nothing on the market stood out. I searched high and low through the forums and all over regional Craigslists.

We all know what happened the last time when I had ambitions to enter the 240SX scene, a colossal failure. As the years passed, however, my tastes acclimated and changed. Now, my S-Chassis of preference is specifically the S13 Coupe. I just love its clean lines and simplicity as whole. And as aforementioned, I’m not looking for a totally pristine, low-mileage, collector-grade example as that would defeat the intended purpose.

Finally, and surprisingly, I made a Want to Buy thread out of the whim on Zilvia, and a few hours later I was introduced to a white Coupe that struck all the right chords. I read the private message on my phone only briefly before I knew that this would be the one, and I had to buy it.

Like the seller I bought my RX-7 from, who was a long-timer in the community, this one for the 240SX is a comparable equivalent. Granted, I don’t even have this car in my possession yet, but I feel confident enough from our engagements and have a deposit in place. In fact, I didn’t exactly learn my lesson of not buying parts for a car you don’t actually have… because the modding process has already begun. My edicts on not wasting time and getting shit done has grown so fiercely at my current age that I am pushing hard to have this car mostly modded in weeks, not months… not years.

Progress is so rapid that it’s preemptive: what catalyzed me into finding this Coupe was me buying a set of 17×9″ wheels from my friend Justin (who I most recently went on a bike ride with). They were cool and he gave me a great deal, I couldn’t pass on it, even though I had nothing to put them on. So instead of buying wheels for a car, I bought a car for wheels.

Details on the Coupe:

1991 S13 Coupe – SE Non-sunroof with optional HUD


  • Silvia OEM Aero Bumper
  • Silvia OEM Sideskirts
  • Silvia OEM Rear Valances
  • Silvia OEM Brick Headlights
  • Silvia Half/Half Turn Signals
  • Silvia GTR Grill
  • Silvia Trunk Lock


  • Bride Brix II Seats – Driver/Passenger
  • Silvia Manual Seatbelt conversion
  • Cusco 6-point Roll Cage
  • Nismo Titanium Shift Knob
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG Carbon Fiber Quick Release
  • Grip Royal Steering Wheel
  • DEFI Gauges


  • MCA Blue Series Coilovers
  • SPL Tie Rods/Ends
  • 5-lug Swap
  • Nismo Power Brace
  • Nismo Front Strut Bar
  • Cusco 3-point Rear Strut Bar
  • Adjustable RUCA
  • Adjustable Toe Arms
  • Adjustable Traction Rods
  • Adjustable Tension Rods


  • 5zigen FN01R-C
  • Project Kics Lug Nuts
  • R32 GTR Big Brakes F/R
  • Stainless Steel brake lines
  • Upgraded Brake master cylinder


  • S13 Redtop SR20DET
  • S15 BB Turbo
  • 550CC Injectors
  • Tomei Power Expreme Manifold
  • Tomei Turbo Elbow
  • Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
  • Greddy Oil Pan
  • Greddy Intake Manifold
  • Greddy Blow Off Valve
  • Blitz RealizeTT Exhaust
  • 300zx Fuel Pump
  • Z32 Fuel Filter
  • Koyo Aluminum Radiator
  • B&M Short Shifter
  • Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • S15 HLSD

The strikethrough items are all parts that I negotiated to have omitted from the car. Here is a picture dump.











I like that it still has the factory SE rear spoiler. It might actually look better spoilerless, but we will see.


The sideskirts are black because the previous owner found the OEM Silvia set late, and never got around to painting them. The hood is also mismatched because the car previously had a carbon hood that was exchanged for the black OEM one.


The interior looks clean with a supposedly uncracked dash. This was a Texas car which makes it almost hard to believe… must be a testament to how much it was garaged throughout its life.


Defi gauges, I’m not a huge fan of where they are mounted, but might keep them the way they are.


Trunk with a relocated battery.


Engine bay with the SR20DET swap.


This Coupe is exactly the type of well sorted and well kept car I was looking for. To be honest, I had to overreach my budget for it and I wouldn’t have minded something less clean. The car comes with a plethora of mods already, which is a great plus. I originally wanted something completely turnkey that I would not have to touch, but I’m not going to fool anyone with that – especially myself. Let’s be honest, nothing out of the box is as rewarding. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nice! Let’s see how long you gonna keep this car haha, been following this page since you had the Honda Cbr600RR :)

    My toys:
    -Honda Civic (DD)
    -Toyota Tacoma
    -Honda S2000
    -Honda Cbr600rr
    -Yamaha Wr250x supermoto

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