With little else left to do on the RX-7, I’m finally taking a step back and slowing down the pace. I fear if I continue to plummet headlong at my usual pace, I will end up overstepping and upgrading what doesn’t need to be touched.

Now, in my times of leisure, I have assumed the role of a small-time parts collector/hoarder.

I gave away my original FEED shift knob because its thread pattern would no longer work with the MGW Short Shifter. I liked the shift knob so I decided to contact FEED directly and asked them to custom machine me a M12x1.75 version to fit my current setup.


While browsing Yahoo Auctions Japan, I came across this red Mazdaspeed horn button and grabbed it. These particular red ones are becoming rare.


Continuing the Mazdaspeed theme and scratching an itch I’ve had for a long time, I also picked up a Mazdaspeed titanium e-brake handle. I found this one on eBay from a Malaysian seller, of all places.


I didn’t let the fact that I no longer own RegaMaster wheels stop me from picking up a pair of black Marquis Promada center caps, which are far harder to come by than the silver/white counterparts.


I will throw on the Mazdaspeed horn button soon, but I’m vacillating on whether or not I should run the e-brake handle.

4 thoughts on “On the Shelf

  1. Dude I am now browsing the Yahoo Auctions Japan because of you and let me say I’m glad I don’t know a lick of Japanese cause man the stuff they sell put ebay and amazon to complete shame!!!

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