It’s great when I can interact with readers of this site and receive feedback. If you’re reading this now, I need your help and opinion on an absolutely crucial decision.

Which shift knob do you prefer: the OEM RX-8 5-speed shift knob on the left, or the FEED stainless steel on the right? Both are counter-weighted and equally nice in their own ways, with the OEM choice offering the more sedate option.

I would love to hear what you think, leave a comment in this post!

13 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote

  1. If you’re installing aftermarket steering wheel and seats, go for the FEED to complement that look. But if you’re sticking with stock interior, which I doubt, go with the OEM RX-8 one as it embellish that whole subtle stock look with that leather wrapping around it.

  2. Because I’m a sucker for rotary related stuff, I’d get the left one. The downside for the RX-8 knob is that it’s pretty fat. Then again, I was told I have baby hands so that might be a factor in my opinion about it. The FEED knob is sleek but prone to getting hot when sitting under the sun for long hours. Highly doubt that’s the case since you garage your cars though. lol I do agree on Gio’s post about the RX-8 knob for stock look.

  3. Uhh, I’m gonna go with the 5speed RX8 shift knob, yo…and if you end up going with the FEED, let me get that off you, I have the 6speed one and really want the 5speed, it fits my FC3S :D

  4. Maybe re-wrap the factory RX8 knob to match your other bits (steering wheel/etc) and tie it all together perfectly???

    I really love the rotary aspect of it, and the fact that it’s an original Mazda part…

    The Feed knob looks like “any other” aftermarket knob. (Though of course it is nice- cuz Feed.)

    Things to think on.

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