I caught word of a small get together at the San Leandro Marina and decided to roll through with a few buddies in the AM. I cherish the extra sleeping hours I can potentially get on weekends, so it’s rare for me to wake up “early” for something car related, especially a parking lot shindig like this. And even though I only stayed for about 30 minutes before heading back home, I’m glad I made the trip… because I essentially received a free, professional photoshoot out of it!

I noticed one of the people taking pictures during the event had a serious looking Canon 1D, so I inquired about his photography and was introduced to his blog. I looked it up later in the afternoon and he had already posted everything, including an awesome set of photos of my car.

All photo credits go to Albert Facultad, check out his blog at AFImages.net











And for kicks… here’s a picture that I took.


Nothing validates a job well done than being able to draw attention. Granted, I’m not the best at feeding off that kind of flamboyancy, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any guilty pleasures from it.

I know the whole parking lot pimping stuff gets a bad rep for being lame, but they provide an easy destination to get out to. Driving around aimlessly is only fun to a degree. My goal is not only to put more testing miles on the car, but also garner it more public exposure. We are lucky to have a relatively thriving car culture here in the Bay Area, and California in general, so that’s a niche I need to target and tap into more. Secludedly working on the RX-7 in my garage for close to the past 4 years has been fun, but it’s time to step out from the shadows.

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