For 5 years, I held firm to the notion that I would keep this RX-7 and, thus, I built it with the freedom that comes with having no expiration. My goals reached ever higher on a continuous basis. I kept firm to an unwavering vision of building the ultimate street RX-7. That kind of persistence made me iterate and redo things until I got it just right. After all, this was going to be my personal, long-term car… and there could be no compromise.

From the day I purchased it, I followed a strict standard with close adherence to details. I specifically chose one of the rarest and most sought after RX-7s to serve as an ideal foundation: A USDM, ’94, Brilliant Black, Low Miles, Low Owner Count, R2 package.

My mod list, however extensive, only tells half the story. If you kept up with this website or read through the pages, you know that this was a long journey of immense effort. One that could not be replicated again – if I were to start from scratch today.

The hindsight of thinking that I could keep a car forever parallels my misunderstanding of others who sell their sports cars to start families. I was always perplexed at why people had to sacrifice their pride and joy. Why couldn’t fun and responsibilities coexist? Well, it’s not that easy, in actuality. There is also a cruel irony to all of this. When I had more time in the past, I spent it building this car. Now that it is done, I have no time and am unable to enjoy it. Adulting is hard and catches up with everyone, and I’m not getting any younger.

That is why I have made the conscious decision to list the car for sale. If I had more means and space, then I really could have kept it forever. But due to the magnitude of expenditure in this project, it is simply beyond the scope of allowing it to sit indefinitely.

With that said, I am selling the car at an extreme discount with respect to what has been poured in. This is a great opportunity to get into the car with high value.

If you are interested, please contact me. It would be amazing if it could land in the hands of a reader and someone who has been there every step of the way with me.

16 thoughts on “The Saga Ends

  1. This keeps me up at night trying to find ways to come up with the money haha! I hope it goes to a good home and all the work that you have put into it over the years is appreciated. If you do decide to hold on to it for a bit longer, I’ll be able to take it off your hands early next year :)

      1. Ahh! Congrats man! Sad to see her go. Look forward to your next build if there is one. I have followed this one since the beginning, checking in every once in awhile to see what you had completed and your plans for it. Always appreciated the craftsmanship and attention to detail

  2. damn, I was really hoping it wouldn’t sell, because I loved this build! but grats, can’t wait for the new project.

  3. Thanks all! It is going to a good home and it looks like the new owner is going to take it in a new direction of his own.

  4. Oddly enough I was asking myself when this was going to happen…Sad part is knowing that it was slightly inevitable I was still shocked when I read the headline. Good thing is you’re kind of a drug addict when it comes to cars so I know that I’ll be able to come back to this site or any blog with your name on it and find something interesting to read! Even if it isn’t car related you tell great stories :) so they’ll be something to look forward to.

    Adulting does have its drawbacks but we do it with hopes of some kind of reward for our selves and the ones we care about! So rock on dude, I commend you for your extreme efforts of quality and refined finishing!

    W –

    1. Thanks Wendell, I appreciate you following along all these years and your support. And the addiction is real, I already have something up my sleeves. Although at a much smaller and pulled back scale…

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