I haven’t posted a new track in a while, but as of late, I’ve been keeping it lit with $uicideboy$. I dabble with EDM and all that electro stuff here and there, but my interest in that genre always fluctuates. Truthfully, I haven’t been listening to any of it recently not just due to its repetitive nature, but being associated with today’s candied out kids that shuffle dance is not my personal preference.

What I always stay grounded and consistent in is hip hop. Cloud rap, trillwave, whatever you want to call it, I think it’s a refreshing twist in the otherwise subpar landscape of modern hip hop – that’s plagued by horrible lyricists like Lil Wayne and other nonsense like warble rap.

I recommend checking out the album Now the Moon’s Rising as a starter to $uicideboy$. You can find it on their Bandcamp. They recently released a new album, Radical, that’s conveniently available on iTunes. Here’s a track from it.

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