The car came with a Helical LSD from a S15 already installed, but it would be removed as part of the final deal. While a nice differential, the HLSD would not meet my needs for drifting. With only one week left before I was due to go pick up the car, I was able to source a lightly used Tomei 2-way LSD local to the seller. The Tomei was professionally installed by the SR20 Store in Gardena in a 6-bolt S13 R200 pumpkin, just what we needed to fill the gap. I coordinated with the seller of the car to meet with the seller of the differential, and then install it.

The idea to go the quick and dirty route and install a welded differential was considered; however, we were luckily unable to find a differential that was properly plate welded. I made the right move by taking the opportunity to find a real, mechanical LSD instead. While prevalent in use and can spin the rear easily, welded differentials suffer from chronic understeer with off-throttle and then exhibit too much oversteer with partial on-throttle through corners. They may be friendly for beginners, but long-term a car is slower around corners and more unpredictable with a welded. Might as well raise the ceiling and expand the horizons right off the bat.




I also had the fart can exhaust omitted from the car as part of the deal, so I bought a brand new D-Max Dual exhaust from FRSport and the seller was kind enough to pick that up as well.


One of the classic favorites for the S-Chassis is the long discontinued Dart Izumi. I stumbled upon the D-Max exhaust and was happily surprised to see that it was essentially an exact reproduction of the Dart Izumi, with the upwards bend and all. More pics to come.

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