It’s that time of year again. Time for another Forum entrepreneurship. I’ll preface this by admitting that yes, 7TUNED did not take off, amongst other smaller-scale attempts. Like “>this one. And this one. At some point a year ago, I even went as far as dissolving Grand Mighty’s blog into a standalone forum, before quickly realizing my wrongdoing and reverting things.

So why do I keep trying my hand at forums, when in this day and age, everyone is fleeing to social media? It’s because of that very reason. I’m not the most candid when I say I hate social media. I hate it for all its shallowness and dumbing down of content. I miss the days of lengthy technical discussions and detailed write-ups. Now, it’s all about like-counts and internet memes.

When it comes to the subject of cars, I think forums still offer a viable and ideal platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas. Cars are inherently complex and engineering oriented, which benefit well from deeper dives. On the contrary, I am in agreement that all of the large car forums that have been around since the turn of the millennium are becoming antiquated and long in the tooth. As rarely as I post on social media, I also spend equal time away from engaging in these larger boards. So finding that middle ground and place where I can actively assume the role of a participant, rather than an onlooker or lurker, is something that I miss.

This is what compels me to keep making forums, because I myself see a gap that needs filling. With 7TUNED being RX-7 specific, the target audience just wasn’t there. Being too broad and general doesn’t work well either, because there still needs to be some sort of focus.

This time, the idea is to make a small-sized forum with a “private” appeal and a goal to coalesce a special blend of like-minded individuals that are on relatively the same level of thinking and experience. Having car people that operate with similar perspectives will undoubtedly offer the best relevancy and interactions, and also lends well to the fact that this forum can remain contained and does not need to be widespread. The difficult part is convincing such people to join and participate in this. The name “Corner Balanced” should speak for itself and imply the ethos…

Needless to say, if you read my website, this forum is for you.


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