I was very close to dissolving this website almost entirely. After 2 years of writing, I thought I was starting to run out of material… that my posts weren’t really interesting. Instead, I bought new hosting and converted everything to a new Forum. I thought having a self-running community would be easier, but I soon realized that actually achieving such a goal would be difficult. Having Grand Mighty as just a forum would be risky and probably has a minimal chance of succeeding. This is why I’m jealous of all the big boards out there that have a constant stream of members and posts… their monetary worth per traffic count is far higher than a comparable, normal website.

Rather than pull the plug on everything, I stepped back and gave everything a second thought. For 2 years I’ve maintained this website, why should I stop now? It’s always mainly been a personal blog-type site, and I was never particularly critical about how much traffic I received. This also means that I don’t really care about what I write, since I’m mainly just writing for myself. So screw it, I’m going to keep things going the way they are. It would be great if people found what I post to be remotely beneficial, one way or another, and if not – not my problem. With 2012 on the horizon, here’s to another year of Grand Mighty!

With that said, I didn’t completely pull the plug on the forum idea either. The board is still there, and will just be an addendum to the site. Hopefully it works and becomes active, but we will see as time goes. Help the effort, JOIN THE FORUMS TODAY!

2 thoughts on “Forums are Open!

  1. yo cool stuff you got going here. just stopped by to see what all the hype was about. heard you got some real talk going on in here. the hype is real

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