While the progress on my RX-7’s interior project is approaching its finale, yet at a creeping pace, I’ve turned my attention into other areas. For one, the weather has been strangely cold during the past couple of weeks. Going into my garage feels like I’ve stepped into a refrigerator. Needless to say, I wasn’t privy to turning wrenches in numbing temperatures.

Breaking away indoors has allowed me to work on a new idea that I’ve recently become enamored about – and that is a new website. Before I got into cars and before I could even drive, my childhood hobby was playing with Photoshop and creating websites. I still fondly remember my days in Junior High when I read books on HTML and CSS. I used to pump out websites serially, they were all mostly nonsense, of course, but offered valuable practice. And now I’ve come to a realization that Grand Mighty had become my sole domain and my rate of experimenting with new websites had come to a standstill. I think now is a good time to give something else a go.

All the countless forums and random websites I made in the past were mostly vague and general, with no specific topic. If you recall, the Grand Mighty Forums didn’t exactly bloom. And a product of no purpose typically dissolves.

Now I’m actually, finally, attempting a website aimed at a niche… and that is RX-7’s! While there are quite a few large RX-7 related forums out there, they all seem unattached and cumbersome. I’ve noticed that the community aspect on RX7Club, for example, is quite segregated and remote. This is partially the reason why I seldom post there, aside from classified ads and other necessities. My goal is to bring in a new flavor to the RX-7 community, one that is smaller scale but emphasizes quality. I think the key to a worthwhile enthusiast community is that it should remain with the enthusiasts, for the enthusiasts. Many of these large automotive boards are owned and operated by Internet Brands, a corporation that inherently prioritizes making profits. It’s also funny to note how outdated (forum software wise) and bland the boards are.

So with that, I bring to you 7TUNED.com!


Although it is RX-7 and Rotary car specific, I implore you to give it a try regardless, especially if you have any interest in these cars at all.

The next goal is to add on a Wiki / Knowledgebase section where FAQs and Guides will be listed. There are a lot of useful information on these cars scattered around the Internet, it should be beneficial to funnel them into a more centralized and easily readable hub.

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