I’ve lost count, but this seems like it will be my third Forum try during my tenure on this website. Oh well, that’s not going to stop me from trying again and again. I’ll probably put up another forum a few months after this one invariably fails, too.

After going through a life cycle of feeling enthusiastic and energized to dismissive and apathetic, I’ve resolved to close down the 7TUNED Forums. It was a valiant effort and I invested a fair amount of work into it, but ultimately, 7TUNED was an exercise in futility. It carried commendable momentum in the beginning stages. Unfortunately, it reached its peak and plateaued shortly after. The justification and potential for another RX-7 centric forum just isn’t there. I’ll suck up my ego and admit it. The combination of a minority car segment with the decline of major forums in general proved fateful. No matter how hard I tried to spin a new-age concept to 7TUNED with modern software and an appealing design, people are reluctant to adopt change. RX7Club.com, no matter how stale it has become, is too established to overthrow.

Automotive forums just are not like they used to be – actual communities backed with helpful and insightful members. Now the crowd leverages social media like Facebook and Instagram, which I believe is a shame and a sign of apathy. I still think a discussion forum is the prime platform to truly compliment the automotive genre, with its inherent technical and media oriented subject matters. There is little community aspect to simply clicking a like button on social media. Having people who are interested in a common topic and are willing to type paragraphs to each other strikes the best balance, in my opinion.

This is why I choose to continue to persevere with another forum. Although I did my best to keep 7TUNED as clutter free as possible, my sights were set too high overall. If I’m going to kill off 7TUNED, I figured it’d make sense to throw up a quick forum here on Grand Mighty instead. The idea is to keep the forum as simple as possible… when in doubt, go back to the basics. I want its purpose to be niche and close-grouped. I’m assuming people who visit Grand Mighty are like minded individuals, and it’d be a great opportunity to interact with them more than just through the comments section of my posts.

Long story short, to anyone reading this post, give the new Forum a try… I promise it’s about as simple as a discussion board can get. Even if you don’t really feel like it, I would appreciate it if you just humor me on this idea and join, otherwise I’ll probably be in there talking to myself… no big deal.

Grand Mighty Forum

7 thoughts on “The Grand Mighty Forum

    1. Glad you saw this, I actually made this forum with you in mind, haha. From our previous comments, I kept thinking to myself, “Hmm, I wonder if there’s an easier way to allow Josh to share his build…”

      1. I’ll get started right away haha.

        I’ve been trying to sign up for the last hour or so now, I havn’t gotten the “confirmation email” for my account.
        Double checked my junk and everything

        any advice?

        1. That’s strange, I’ve turned off the requirement for email validation in the time being. I also set your account into the Members group, could you try logging in again? If it still doesn’t work, let me know here and I can delete your account so you can re-register without needing the validation.

  1. Well sad to see 7tuned go, with that said a Grand Mighty forum should have been where you started in the first place. Brings in a wider group of enthusiast and allowing you to not have to focus on building it as much. Not to mention your wide variety of hobbies and interests can be discussed here allowing it to be a more diverse forum. I saw the site man its super clean and like you said as straight forward as you can get! I’m of the learning type myself so I usually hold off on posting because I know there are those that are much more seasoned at teaching and sharing than I. With that said I like posting and getting into the convo when I can. I even like doing the build thread thing but my builds always take FOREVER so I hate to take up valuable site space with my dribble lol.


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