I’m super digging retrofuturistic styles. Think the 80s, Neo Noire, Neo Tokyo. This small, non-commercial promo video was a great watch.

The soundtrack from the video is “Boomopera – Synthpop Supercar”.

4 thoughts on “Retrowave

  1. This genre (New Retro/Synthwave and all the subgenres) thrives on Soundcloud. Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk, Perturbator, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, Jordan F, Tommy ’86, and on and on.

    DRIVE Radio is a great channel to pick up new tunes.

    1. You got that right, Soundcloud has replaced Pandora for me as of late. Less annoying ads too.

      Peturbator is cool. I’ve been on some Lost Years and Scandroid.

      1. Funny you would say that about Soundcloud replacing Pandora. I got a notification just last week that there is a new Synthwave Radio station on Pandora that is playing what I would consider the bulk of the more well known artists.

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