The Weeknd is undoubtedly my favorite modern day artist. I sometimes feel like a luddite in terms of my musical tastes because I more often than not prefer old over new. I’ve probably reiterated this ad nausea, but most of the current offerings sound either too pop, are too shallow, and/or have poor lyricism.

That’s why it feels like I’ve been waiting almost an eternity for a new, good album to drop. Starboy has high consistency throughout the tracks in quality and is far better than The Weeknd’s previous album, “Behind the Beauty and Madness,” which strayed with abandonment into the mainstream pop realm. Although different in feel to the narcotised slow-jams and plaintive lyrics of House of Balloons and Trilogy, Starboy is an evolutionary step in the right direction. The weakest track on the new album is definitely “False Alarm,” in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “The Weeknd – Party Monster

  1. I liked the album after like 10 play throughs, but I still feel the Anderson Paak album was way better, and one of my favorite albums to come out this year.

    1. The NxWorries album? I gave it a listen and it’s jazzy and smooth, quite a different style. I haven’t heard of Anderson Paak before.

      1. Anderson Paak’s Album is called Malibu, I recommend checking it out, he was also on this years XXL Freshman Cypher 2016 with Lil Dicky and Desiigner, but he mostly does R&B and soul, which surprised me that he made the list, but he is actually a dope rapper too, so it make sense.

  2. The entire Starboy album really hit me in the right way, between this & Awaken, My Love! (which is my second favorite album of 2016), this has been a good few weeks for music, if nothing else.

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