Today, I installed the climate control panel, shifter surround, and the stereo. Shoving the double DIN Pioneer into the slot was tricky because the wires in the dash had to be parted away in order for it to fit flush.

For one reason or another, the shifter surround seems to clip in better than before and sits flusher with the console. And on the flip side, the OEM armrest ashtray now doesn’t fit properly. Its fitment was never perfect, since the armrest is a RHD only part so the contours were slightly mismatched, but now it’s so off that the driver side edge will not even seat. Strange, because all I did was have the panels repainted and then reinstalled all the components onto them. Either way, I will be going back to the regular USDM ashtray.


I’m still waiting on the gauge cluster surround… it had to be repainted a couple more times.

4 thoughts on “Interior Trim Refinishing Part 2

  1. I haven’t been to your site in some time and when I finally had a chance to check it out, I am pleasantly surprised at all the massive progress that’s been going on with your FD. Good stuff bro, you never disapoint.

  2. Love your build been following it for a while now. I have a few questions if you don’t mind.
    About how much a yard was the red suede?
    What is the color code for that red?
    Can you recommend a good shop to order it from?
    Well thank you for your time about to park the car for the winter and wanted to get the seats done while she sits.

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