I just finished watching this video and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked how elegantly the film makers were able to capture and portray an obsession. The way Magnus Walker describes how he is always thinking and planning is great. By dedicating many years to Porsches, the level of refinement in his cars is readily apparent. I think anyone who is passionate about something, and it doesn’t have to be cars, can relate to this video.


I’ve always believed that having a passion is extremely important in life. It can be a focused hobby that is taken to an elevated level. Achieving mastery is an implied goal, and that’s why you should find one thing that you can really connect with and stick to it. My passion lies with cars, and more specifically, my RX-7. I even tried to run from it – to give up and move on… but I always knew I couldn’t escape because life would feel so much more devoid otherwise. Whether or not other people are able to fully grasp and appreciate what I do is not important. Being able to obsess over something really is a blessing in disguise. Although consuming at times, it adds a new dimension and forces me to stay motivated and driven.

Life without passion is lived in black and white.

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