In my usual temperamental and fickle behavior, I sold the Mini Cooper this week. My original intentions were to keep this car for as long as possible. Honest. After finishing off all the recent maintenance work, the Mini was very nearly complete for me. If I had kept the car, my only major plan was to swap out the antiquated, 50’s era fuel tanks for a single, contemporary fuel cell. The design of the OEM tanks did not offer the best of seals. Good for the charm, but not quite so good for the function.

Although the experience was short-lived, the car was great fun and memorable. Driving a right-hand drive classic is truly a different animal. Relatively speaking, the Mini is easy to work on and parts are surprisingly readily available. A great choice as a first foray into the world of classics.

If I had kept the car, it would have been stored away indefinitely (boo, I know). I do admit that selling the Mini came at good timing, since I need to focus on an in-progress shift. This is my final consolidation as I have now sold everything… the only thing I can really call to my name right now is the Fiat, and even that is technically not mine, being that it was leased. When put into this perspective, I’ve undergone a rather sad twist of fate.

Fear not, for I am not discouraged. Far from it, once I can get my feet back on the ground in the coming month, new plans will hatch.

I hope the new owner Todd is enjoying the company of this Mini, and I hope to one day venture back into a classic car. As closure, here is one more picture that I found on my phone:

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