If I am going to indulge in this absurd phenomenon of food photography, I will do my best to not follow the norm. Instead of evoking feelings of jealously with an image of a succulent steak meal, I will evoke sympathy and pity with what I call lunch. Behold.

A self-made salad consisting of spinach, cucumbers, carrots, and balsamic vinegar. I could pack more stuff in, but I don’t because then that would add weight. More weight on the scale = more money. I’ve gotten this salad making down to a science, and can consistently average $2 per meal. The banana this day was actually a bonus.

Stop your drooling. I’ve had better, but I still try to eat this meal a few times a week for lunch. Not only because I’m crazy cheap, but because eating has become a CHORE now. A couple years ago, saying such a thing would have been blasphemy for me.

In my household, cooking is not a common activity. Figuring out what to eat for a meal is always a jumbled lottery of sorting through all the nearby options. It’s always more difficult to figure out than it should be. I guess this is what falling into routines and getting old does to you.

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