I’m kicking myself for stalling up until now to install a set of mudguards on the Miata. I was initially uncertain about whether to add mudguards or leave the car clean… glad I eventually made the right choice. These are OEM (what else?) and mount conveniently to pre-drilled holes on the car. The rears go on in minutes, but in a flash of OCD, I ended up spending almost an hour on the passenger side front mudflap. I kept trying variations of methods and angles to mount it in a way that would remove any gaps between the body. I can’t believe I’m spending the little youth I have left by obsessing over the minutia of a couple mm’s. After all that, I later discovered that the front tires would pull out the top tabs of the front mudguards when turning. I had to modify the way they mounted and do some cutting to gain clearance.

Some people might hate them, but I think these mudguards compliment the car perfectly, especially because mine is black. They also make the Miata appear wider and lower, not to mention protect the rocker panels (which I had explicitly gotten smoothed) from becoming paint chipped by debris.

Now I still have to figure something out for the spoiler…

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