If you’re even thinking about modding a car, here’s my word of advice: DON’T. Fight the temptations, no matter how good of an idea it may seem in the beginning… in the end, it’s not worth it. I’m definitely second guessing myself right now about this whole Miata thing. I thought it would be a good idea having a cheaper car and making it more unique, but is it really worth all the trouble and work? What’s the benefit? When it comes down to it, I’m still just driving a Miata.

I thought there would be glory, but there is no glory. Only pulled hair and maybe the recognition of male counterparts. And copious amounts of suffering and unhealthy tendencies of suicide contemplation. It would have been more prudent if I just saved my money for something of more realistic value. All my life I’ve constantly had a car that I worked on and poured money into, I can’t rid myself of this disease. I remember adamantly declaring to get out of cars once I sold my RX-7 and moved onto a bike… unfortunately, that mindset ended up not having much lasting appeal.

So what now? Let’s see, that spoiler I destroyed in minutes is taking weeks to resolve. I can no longer recommend this place as they have consecutively failed me multiple times now. I had to wait for the spoiler to be painted twice. Finally, I sent it away to a different shop for a THIRD round… we’ll see how that goes. I’m about to go bankrupt if I can’t get what I’m looking for with this spoiler. Also because of this, I haven’t had the motivation to drive the car, not until it’s fixed.

Spoiler aside, I’m basically finished with this Miata… yet even at what appears to be the home stretch, obstacles never yield. As an impulse buy, I decided to switch up my OMP Suede wheel for a Classic Wood Nardi. Mostly unnecessary, yet I deemed it necessary. Swapping the wheels went easily enough, as it should with something as simple as bolting and unbolting. All I had to do was pop on the Nardi horn button, and I was done. Well, after spending over an hour trying to install a GOD DAMN HORN BUTTON, things turned ugly. After taking the more delicate approach by utilizing finesse, I quickly decided that was a waste of time and turned on beast mode. If you asked me how I spent my Friday night, I would have told you I spent it by sitting in a dark garage, trying to muscle on a round button into a metal hole. I was eventually able to get the horn button on, at the expense of the horn button itself. It was warped and wouldn’t sit flush.

After all that work, I accomplished nothing and now had to buy a replacement. But wait. There’s more. To my pleasant surprise, this horn button costs over $100 new. WHAT THE FUCK. That is laughably outrageous. Exerting this much effort over superficial crap is downright stupid.

I plan to finally quit this pointless car-modding lifestyle after the Miata. I would like to say it with absolution, but cannot given my past trends. It’s a Love-Hate relationship, with more bias towards the hate side.

Living the life…

3 thoughts on “Bum Life

  1. The car was fun for a while and I drove it a lot, then things started going wrong quickly and I lost motivation. Once it’s up again, I definitely intend to get my fun back from all the work

  2. at least with the effort put into these things, try to make the most out of it for sure. it’s nice to see that you’re hitting up the track and doing something with the car instead that “show-steez” business. it’s cool and all, but i’m sure it gets old. at least with the track, skills can be honed and what not. keep it up bro. it’s nice to see the work you put into these builds though.

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