One of the vices I’ve observed from blogs is inherent of the opinionated content: people have a habit of becoming too philosophical. Blogs are a perfect vessel to cast thoughts and perspectives. Self-reflection and voicing a standpoint on a matter is certainly an effective mode of catharsis… but sometimes people need to be served a big slice of humble pie.

I think it’s always important to take a step back from your writings and check yourself, before you hit that Publish button. It is all too easy now to have ambitions of being grander than what is necessary, or is actually warranted.

Blogs are actually not the worst of culprits, because they typically require people to put in more effort than simply typing up gibberish and hitting enter, like on Facebook. I’d say social media at large is highly prone to this, but the likes of Facebook and Twitter are mostly cesspools of infantile nonsense that they are not worthy of being compared to blogs. For example, I caught this on one of my feeds, author name withheld (hopefully he doesn’t read this site, then again who actually does):

Yolo is important. But it is even more important to realize that your actions and character reflect your upbringing. As for minorities, like myself, our duty is to be ambassadors for our race and culture whether we like it or not. #stayclassy

I feel like this is trying a little bit too hard. I don’t have a problem with the first part of the quote, but I’m not feeling the whole minority-pride deal.

Essentially, all this philosophical speak stem from the process of people growing up and maturing. Otherwise it comes from older, surly know-it-alls. Preferably, I’d like to see myself as now being in the latter category (it would be about time I be, anyway).

Not to be a hypocrite, I’d like to personally acknowledge that I myself am guilty of everything I’m saying here. Who knows how many times I’ve contradicted and flip-flopped between my ideas on cars – what I thought was right and what I thought wasn’t. With every experience comes a different outlook, and sometimes that outlook cycles back (Déjà vu). Regardless, I’m still glad I wrote down all the things I’ve said, because it brings relativity. And in the end, the last or current perspective you have is what really counts. Plus, you can’t really know until you say it and then do it.

Looking back on my numerous past projects motivated me to write this post in the first place, so ultimately, this is just a disclaimer to myself. Writing out opinions and thoughts is the best, and most fundamental, part of a blog for me. After over 2 years of maintaining this website and recently turning 23, my goal now is to hopefully hit my postulations with more accuracy and truth.

4 thoughts on “Fallacy of Opinions

  1. I hope I don’t fall under that category of lacking content in a blog post. I know I do take the “easy” road sometimes an just “blog” chords to a song, but I use those song posts as a reference at least. I guess I just need to take the time to blog some thorough thoughts within a post. Anywho, thanks for allowing me to be part of Grand Mighty. I hope what I blog is enough to be even a “blog post”.

  2. I guess I’m just blog “challenged” to post something in detail. I feel like sometimes if I post in minute detail, It’d be too much or something. I don’t know. lol I just wished I had the language structure/diction that you have when blogging. Mine’s more a little bit casual and what not. I definitely find your blog more intriguing because the way you post. Freakin’ genius.

  3. Your blog is solid man, keep at it. I personally find it more worthwhile to give flesh out each post as much as possible, but different strokes for different folks :-)

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