I haven’t posted anything in almost 2 weeks, and as unacceptable as that is, I have a semi-legitimate excuse this time: my computer blew up. Okay, it first just died and then I’m pretty sure I blew it up.

One day when I pushed the power button, it would start to boot up normally for the first couple of seconds and then recede back down to an idle. It doesn’t quite turn off, but it doesn’t fully boot either. My monitor has no connection and it never makes it to the BIOS screen. I thought the problem was either the power supply or the motherboard. Since the former is technically an easier fix, I went over to Best Buy today and bought a 600W Corsair power supply and hooked it up. I did the connections hastily because the chassis inside a computer is sharp as hell and I didn’t like messing with all the wires. I wasn’t really expecting it to work, anyway. When I went to power the computer back on, nothing was booting but this time there was an addition of an ominous burning smell lingering in the air.

So… let’s just ignore all that and assume it was the motherboard. Yeah. I plucked out my hard drive and I’m going to dump this Gateway. I guess 2 years is an adequate lifespan in the computer world.

I should have more time and hopefully a new computer soon… and a great deal more content to talk about. Hopefully said content will be more interesting than a post about a dead PC, but no guarantees ;-)

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