This just goes to show that there are perfectionists and extreme enthusiasts in every activity. The cuisine arts are not my forte, I’ve always been open minded with what I eat, as long as it is delicious. But seriously, trying to break down how to make a HAMBURGER into a science is just ludicrous. Perhaps it may just be my personal perspective on this that is causing bias, but you know how the saying goes – you can’t polish a turd… And yes, a hamburger in the food world is a turd. It’s what you buy when you’re at rock bottom and too lazy to get a real meal. That’s why people are able to make hamburgers in mere minutes, they were practically designed to be fast, crappy food. Buns, patty, cheese, copious amounts of grease, DONE.

After nearly 4 minutes of advocating with sophistication the potential of a hamburger, they don’t even add in the most important ingredient: WHERE IS THE BACON?!

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