With Christmas vacation over and the start of the work week, I’ve been preoccupied to make this post sooner. I do feel that it is worthy of an announcement. The finishing touches were put on this new site layout about a week ago, just in time for the New Year. The previous layout was becoming too dense, in my opinion, and I wanted something more light-weight and minimalistic. It’s been a pattern of mine to go with single-column and dark designs. I feel that implementing a sidebar would just promote superfluous links and fillers, a distraction from the main content.

Another key feature of this new layout is in regards to it being Responsive, in other words scalable across virtually all resolution sizes. Try grabbing your browser’s window and shrinking it down. The elements of the site will adjust accordingly, which is great for optimized use on mobile platforms. Responsive design has been fairly popular in 2011, but I feel that it will become a sort of trend in the coming year.

I’ve also added in the Thunder Bolt logo, which I hope will make Grand Mighty more recognizable by it.

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