Cold weather is upon us (Since this is California, anything under 70 I’m going to call cold) and the track season is winding down, which means the bike will have to go into hibernation until next year. Even if I’m not riding, I can still build. Today’s agenda was to install a beautiful Ohlins TTX36 rear shock that I acquired. The spring that came on it was a 10.0 Nmm, but for my weight I needed a 9.5 Nmm. I brought the shock over to the good folks at Catalyst Reaction and they did a service and spring swap.

First on the list – yank out the stock shock. The rear hugger needs to be removed to reveal an opening for the shock to slip through.

Since the swingarm will no longer be supported without a shock, I placed the bike onto a pair of jackstands at the pegs. (Oh yeah, I put the chain guard back on. I was tired of chain lube flying everywhere.)

The Ohlins TTX is a superbly crafted piece of hardware:

Dropped in and bolted on:

I’m not only doing the rear suspension, I also have a set of forks with freshly serviced and sprung Ohlins 30mm cartridges, which I plan to install next weekend. :-)

4 thoughts on “Ohlins TTX36 Shock

  1. Lies. Bro still got that passion for the CBR, that proves you are not old! I missed that FD that you had before, it was sooooo clean.

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