I’m trying to moving fast with this build, but in doing so, a certain level of commitment is required. Since my goal is to actually drive this car, I don’t want it to linger in the whole build phase forever. I already wasted months looking and buying parts for a car that never happened. I’m really happy with the progress on the Miata so far. In order to reach this point, I’ve had to work consistently. That means spending a few hours on the car, every day. And of course long, long hours on the weekends.

This past week, after work and school, instead of watching TV (who am I kidding, I barely watch TV regardless) or going to sleep early, I turned wrenches to get the suspension sorted.

Looking back, the momentum I’m carrying into this car is far higher and more efficient than with previous cars I’ve owned. In the month and a half or so I’ve had the Miata, I’ve done more to it than I did in over a year with my old RX-7. When possible, it’s far easier in the long-run to get all the parts at one time, and get it over with in one pass. Why wait? Life is too short to slowly creep.

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