I finally found the urge to ride again after 3 weeks of being generally lethargic and obscenely fat. Since I only had one class today in the morning, I went over to the Hayward Plunge in the afternoon.

Here’s a picture of this waterfall near the beginning of the trail.

Shortly after the waterfall, there is an open clearing. This is where things got a bit interesting… as I was riding up, I see this bulldog running straight at me. My plan was to flip a u-turn and haul ass out of there, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it very far. There was loose gravel in the area and my front tire sank into a nearby rut, which swiftly and wholly foiled my escape.

I was then left standing and engaged in an awkward staring contest with this huge-headed dog. I wasn’t sure if it was going to bite me or if it content doing virtually nothing. Thankfully, a few moments later, I see the owner strolling merrily into view… people need to keep their dogs on a LEASH.

Anyway, the rest of the ride went well. Somehow my cardio was not completely diminished, and I was able to get in 2 loops of the main trails.

Rising above the tree line and nearing the top.

Today had been fairly windy, but all the trees did a great job as shields.

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