Just to recap… when I expressed optimism regarding the Cold-Eeze lozenges in an earlier post, I now think they’re utterly useless. Supposedly, Cold-Eeze should reduce the duration of the common cold by “42%.” It works by using a special type of zinc that works homeopathically. When you dissolve the lozenges, the zinc attracts the rhinoviruses like a magnet would with metallics shreds. While, in theory, it appears to be functional… my first hand basis proved contrary. My cold started last Friday, and by Sunday I had a moment where I felt nearly normal, which is what lead me to believe that the Cold-Eeze really worked. Unfortunately, by Monday I was back to feeling down. From what I recall, the general cycle of the colds I get start with a sore throat, which moves onto fatigue and a fever. After a period of that, a stage of clogged sinuses, a runny nose, and coughing ensues. On average, I’d say colds last about a week for me… well it’s day 6 for me and I still don’t feel well, so a 42% reduction my ass.

Enough about that, food is always a good topic to revert to. I had some lunch at this place yesterday… I’d say it’s my favorite local Chinese restaurant of this type. The dishes have good ingredients and aren’t rushed or filthy greasy like most other places.

Today, after work I went over to Moto Cafe in Sunnyvale. They surprisingly had a Pearl White Monoposto seat cowl in stock, and the parts guy was cool enough to give me a discount and wait for me after closing. The reason why I want the cowl is because my bike currently has a regular seat on the back, but no passenger pegs. I don’t see how anyone would be particularly comfortable back there anyway.

This should look good…

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